Make sure you have everything you need for: - Paper that will need to draw a sketch.Suitable printer paper or a sheet of landscape.
- transparent tracing paper.
- Cutter (stationery knife), very sharp.
- pencil, ruler, eraser.
On sheet pencil scribble sketch of your stencil.Consider pattern very carefully, pay special attention to a thin rod.Remember that if you make them too thin, then later the stencil in these places may break.
If you want to use your stencil not once, but several, then transfer the finished pattern on the cardboard.Remember that the board should not be corrugated or coated.It is best to take the cardboard from the boxes, which sell cereal or cereal.
To transfer pattern using tracing paper and tracing paper.By shifting the picture on the cardboard, draw around it with a ballpoint pen or felt-tip pen, the line on which you will cut a stencil, became more clearly.
Now that the paint is not absorbed in the stencil at work and do not spoil it, and to take the overall strength of a scotch and cursed them with a piece of cardboard stencil.The edges of the stencil in the future, seal again, wrapping scotch while the other side - it will give strength and stenciled with it more convenient to work with.
Now take a torch or a stationery knife and gently cut stencil.Well, if you have a stencil pattern symmetrical - in this case, you can simply fold the template in half down the middle and cut once.
When you cut along the contours of the template put on a solid flat surface, it is best to enclose something that is not a pity to spoil, because you'll cut through.
When cutting, be very careful - do not cut yourself, firstly, and secondly, try not to cut thin jumper in a pattern so as not to spoil it.Once you have made a stencil, you can glue the rest of the edges with tape, but do it carefully so as not to spoil the picture.
With this stencil, you can put any color and pattern anywhere, the main thing - to paint were not too liquid and does not flow under the stencil.For application better to use a spray or foam sponge.