you need
  • - watercolor paints;
  • - paper;
  • - thick soft brush;
  • - a piece of foam rubber;
  • - water;
  • - needle or stylus.
Decide what time of day will be on your figure.Depending on this, pick and paint.The brightness of the colors watercolor determined by the amount of water, but still try to choose the color closest to your plan.Keep in mind that the paint on the dried-up figure will seem a little more faded than while drawing.
Spend skyline.It can do the same brush and paint, which you will paint the sky or what underneath.The horizon line is rarely perfectly straight.This happens only when you
draw a boundless field or the sea.In all other cases, it is sure something curved.On the horizon could be a forest, it can overshadow the city.So make it a not entirely smooth.Location of the sheet can be any and depends entirely on your design.If the horizon line is not needed, outline the contours of the object, which will be against the sky.
If the sheet is large, the initial Gulf do with a piece of foam rubber.Previously possible to outline the contours of the clouds.Nothing, if you accidentally get dirty paint them.Clouds can be of any shape, and excess stain picture will not spoil.Dampen a sponge with water and moisten the entire space of the sky.
To paint the sky on a clear day, type sponge blue paint.Make a spot on a piece of it and blur over the entire space.If smooth sky blue, as happens in a fine summer day, nothing more is needed.Allow to dry and drawing, if it will be too faint, apply in the same way a second coat of paint.The contours of the clouds can be slightly blurred or shade light gray or light blue.
dawn and sunset sky - bright on him a lot of red and yellow spots.Initial fill make exactly with a sponge.Then type in the brush yellow or pink paint and make washouts.They may be on the horizon and across the sky.If you want to draw a sunset, make the most vivid scarlet or orange stripe on the horizon.Clouds little dye in the same tone, but more light and blurred paint.
Drawing night sky , the cloud is not planned in advance.Cover the space of a black or dark blue ink.This can be done even without prior priming, the tone was more dense.Try to make the color more even possible.At night, clouds barely visible, therefore, draw their outlines barely visible silver paint.If not, make them gray.They have little to stand out against the dark background.
stars in the night sky, you can simply incised.Wait until the paint is dry, mark their place with a needle or stylus.Carefully scratched to white, being careful not to tear the paper.