you need
  • white sheets of paper, pencils, eraser, brushes, water, watercolors
Take a simple sheet of white paper.Using a pencil, draw the outlines of the forests thin lines.Try not to press hard on the pencil, because they can leave traces that would be difficult to remove eraser.Paint the wood so that it occupied the entire space of the paper.Now select the location where the fire will burn .It is best to draw the fire that covered the trees and plants from the roots.Sketch light pencil outline of the flames.They should be randomly scattered around the perimeter of the forest.The fire should start at the base of trees and loci.In the sky draw alarmed fire th birds.
eraser Erase the outlines of the forest, which were inside
the contour of the flame.Take watercolor paints and brushes of different sizes.Apply the green background of the forest on the side of the figure, which is higher than the future of the flame.Give a little dry.Now, take a fine brush, and she gently Draw outlines of trees.Use bright and thick green paint.Now take a broad brush and paint the space where the flame.The fire must be several colors - yellow, orange and red.Clean with a damp brush swipe at places where one color into another.This will erase the visible outline and give the impression of living fire.
Circle thin brush part contours flames.To do this, use the red-orange paint.Also at the bottom edge of the black paint with red dots.It will be a scorched earth.At the top of the sheet, draw a blue-gray smoke gray.Allow to dry pattern.Now carefully erase eraser simple pencil, which remained under the paint.If you want to perform a pencil drawing, then do all the same.Just have to carefully erase a pencil.not to disturb the gamut, the applied color.