Begin drawing with pencil sketch soft .Beginners can draw using a picture, or present a sleeping kitten .Sketch on paper, the basic composition of the future picture, try to move the lines in proportion kitten .
color it kitten convenient quality colored pencils.The album for sketches on a page to make a map of colors pencils, filling in on a square of each color.From these colors, select the ones you will use in the drawing, and set the appropriate pens from the package for further work.
you need a light pink color, and can be used for background shades of blue, green and blue.Take a clean copy paper and draw the contours of
a sleeping kitten light gray pencil , outlining his body, tail and head.
Drawing head, carefully follow its proportions in relation to the body.Tail kitten shorter than an adult cat's tail and legs are scheduled only - they are hidden inside the body, as the kitten curled up in a sleeping posture.Ears paint on the sides of the head.Eyes kitten should be closed.
Now that you've mapped out the contours of the kitten , take a pencil and start a background color to apply shading soft folds and contours of the background tissue, outlining the outside contour kitten .Add another color Draw folds background, completely filling it with color and gives volume pleats darker and lighter areas of color.
fill the background color of the first kitten allow you to adjust its contours again.Now begin to refine the contours of the kitten , giving them the texture of hair.Use the gray and bluish pencil, creating the effect of a fluffy fur shading.
add shadows where it is needed, also using a hatch in the direction of the coat.The deepest shade cover the darkest colors.
If you paint with watercolor pencils, you can further soften his image, brush moistened in water and walking up to her on the background around kitten , slightly blurring it.Wool kitten wet is not necessary - it should remain clear texture.
Dry drawing and pink pencil add a few strokes on the ears and muzzle kitten .Complete the remaining deep shadows on the background kitten lying down dark gray pencil .Mixing bluish and pinkish color, you can also add a few touches of color in the hair, to give it credibility.