you need
  • Oil paint,
  • palette,
  • turpentine,
  • brush,
  • spatula.
Before working oil paint must be put on the edge of the panel.The middle panel must remain empty because her mix paint .
Mixing colors maslnyayh
directly mixing process should be carried out with a brush or palette knife.Spatula is a metal spatula, sometimes with sharp edges.Working tools should be fast enough, but gently.The result is a homogeneous mass of pasty consistency tona.Maslyanye paint can be no divorce, and write out what they squeezed from a tube.If there was a necessity, only should dissolve the liquid, which is capable of them evaporate.It is best to use paints or turpentine.
mixing paint , you should know what happens when you paint one tone mixed with the other.
image using dark or light cadmium yellow fruit ripe pears, do not lighten, if necessary, white lead.Rather paint dry up and will change the tone.In this case it is better to use walnut oil.The golden-yellow foliage obtained using cadmium will change color if you add ohry.Svintsovye white - paint a pretty whimsical.Suppose there was a need to lighten the night landscape, painted with dark ocher, cobalt violet, brown Mars to a state of deep twilight.If this use of white lead, soon begins to get dusk, so these drastically lighten the tone of white.In addition, the quality of the paint much snizitsya.Na white lead-based paint is produced Naples yellow.This paint should not be confused with metal spatula, becausein contact with the iron, it darkens.You can use a bone spatula (and there is), or to mix the paint kistyu.Dostatochno picky and such a wonderful tone as ultramarine.If, for example, the sky and the sea with the primary use of ultramarine brighten with the help of the same white lead, it turns ominous ocean, where I run the show brown hues.Not friendly ultramarine and black colors.He quickly zhuhnet their prisutstvii.Vse these features are very important to consider when mixing, not to be trapped.
A mixture of golden-yellow
Mix paint must be immediately prior to the operation.If you leave paint for a long time on the palette, it will dry the top layer of brush and work nevozmozhno.Ne will be afraid of improvisation, you can mix colors, which previously could not mix anybody.The main thing we should not forget how a neighborhood influences the color and quality paints.
Riot of colors