you need
  • - album sheet;
  • - pencil;
  • - line;
  • - eraser.
the middle of the sheet, draw a diamond - a geometric shape, in which all sides are smooth, and the opposite side is also parallel.Select the size of the diamond so that it fit your desired oval.
Spend two straight lines that go from the top of the obtuse angle.The second ends of line bring to the midpoints of opposite sides.Likewise draw line and emerging from the second obtuse angle diamond.So, we get four lines intersecting each other at certain points that are in the middle of the diamond.
Put the leg of a compass turn the points of intersection of lines and draw semicircles of radius equal to the distance from the point to the nearest wall of the diamond.Thus, rather t
han sharp corners of a rhombus two sides to receive the right oval.
Put the leg of a compass in the top of the obtuse angles.Measure the distance equal to the drawn line, and draw an arc that connects the endpoints of lines emerging from one obtuse angle.The missing right side of the oval.Remove all unnecessary lines eraser.
Draw an oval second method.First, draw a horizontal line.Then divide it into three equal segments.The points located in the middle segment, put the leg of a compass and draw two identical circle with a radius equal to the length of a horizontal line segment.To draw the correct oval mark the points where the circles intersect each other.On each of these points perform two straight lines passing through the centers of circles and intersecting circles with opposing parties.Put the leg of a compass in the point of intersection of the circle and a radius equal to the length of the lines, draw an arc, forming the upper and lower right side of the oval.Correct oval drawn.