you need
  • - acrylics,
  • - single-colored clothes,
  • - brush,
  • - heavy paper or cardboard,
  • - adhesive paper,
  • - pins,
  • - Scotch,
  • - cloth,
  • - iron.
decide to start with paint.Choosing one or another depends on how you are going to draw.If you plan to make a drawing on a cliche, buy the paint in the can.This acrylic paint will fall on the fabric smoother.If you are going to use the cloth as a canvas and create a masterpiece right on it, pay attention to the paint in tubes and jars.You also need brushes of different thicknesses and thinner, because thickened paint will not allow you to draw a thin graceful lines.
Find a well ventilated room.Particularly relevant this advice for those who will draw
paint from a container.Prepare yourself a firm, level surface where it will be possible without any problems to spread your choice as a canvas item.
The clothes under the place where the picture will be better to put a piece of thick paper or cardboard to paint is not leaked or imprinted on the reverse side of things.
If you draw on a cliche, it would be optimal to cut him out of the adhesive paper.So you can be sure that during the first coat of paint does not shift the stencil and drawing is not deformed.If the adhesive paper at hand was not, try to fix the stencil firmly using pins and adhesive tape.
If you draw by hand, before proceeding to the coating clothes acrylic paints , apply pencil outline of your drawing.Do not put a thick layer of paint - then it will be a very long wait until the picture is dry.Better to put the light strokes in several layers.
Once you have completed your masterpiece, and it is completely dried out, the drawing must be secured.For this iron its iron, putting between the picture and the sole of the iron sheet or cut tissue.Now your unique clothing you can wear!