you need
  • -list paper;
  • a prime pencil;
  • -lastik;
  • -materials to work in color.
Prepare a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser.Place a sheet of paper as you wish.With a simple pencil sketch start to perform a space rocket.Flight direction of your missiles just choose your own.Either she will have to fly horizontally or vertically up or down, or diagonally.
With a pencil, draw an elongated oval.If the line is not that precise figure - do not rush to wash it.It is better to try to fix the light touches of pattern, giving the right direction lines.With eraser and correct their work.
made of geometric shapes sketch the tail of the rocket.One wing of the tail located to us, "the person in the form of a rectangle.The other two, located on the sides are merged shape of a triangle and a quadrangle.
Now pencil "flatten the corners of the tail missile parts and sharpen the ends.In the upper part of the rocket draw two small circles, one within another.It will be a porthole rocket.Label the top (head) and bottom two missiles arched section.Figure rocket ready.Eraser Erase all unnecessary lines and determine the materials to work in color.
Invent and draw that surrounds rocket.Stars, planets, comets, asteroids, flying saucers, or can near space rocket astronaut floats.Paint it all and get to work in color.For this figure will approach gouache or markers (markers).Also possible to use mixed techniques.Fill pattern best with large spaces, that is, with the background.Then proceeded to detail the background - stars, comets and other.Continue to work with the rocket.Since it is - the main object in a drawing, select the color, clarity.After working your workplace tidy.