you need
  • - Brush;
  • - car paint;
  • - ground;
  • - spray;
  • - newspapers;
  • - gloves;
  • - white spirit.
decide to start when convenient for you to paint your bmx.Remember that after you realize your ideas, bike riding will not be for some time.The most difficult - is to choose the color and texture of paint.Select car paint on your taste - it can be an acrylic, fluorescent, metal.Buy a special metal spray gun for its application.
now specify the location where you will paint bmx - ideally suited for this garage or balcony.Remember that the smell of paint will eroding for several days.Then take the old paper or film, their bed to the floor, put the bike on the newspaper.Wear clothes you do not mind dirty.The old trousers and shirt with long sleeves
- perfect for your work and you do not get dirty.
Remove all accessories from the frame so as not to stain them, prepare the bike for painting.Put on your gloves, grab a piece of sandpaper and gently go over the frame bmx.Take the brush and whisk the resulting dust.Wipe with a cloth surface of the frame, then take the spray ground and spray it evenly over the entire frame.Primer is applied under the paint, so that she is better rested.
Wait a few minutes and re-apply primer, then it must be dry.Then apply the paint on your bike with the spray, repeat if necessary, to achieve a more vivid color.Then leave the bike to dry for several days.When it dries, you can use a small brush to draw some patterns.