you need
  • pencils, a piece of paper, eraser.
First we need to identify the main parts of the character.Draw a perfect circle.It will serve as a frame for the head.Draw a line in the place of the intended neck.Draw a pear-shaped body.The left hand of our alien will rest on its side.Therefore, designation of the wrist at this stage is not required.His right hand is raised up.Please note that the aliens decided to portray with three fingers.From body paint two sticks down.This leg.Since the alien is wearing a space suit, his feet are shod with boots.Sketch shoes character as a flattened circle.
Drawing head of the hero.As a rule, an alien represent a large, elongated head up.The upper part of her extended, and the lower narrowed.Draw t
wo large almond-shaped eyes.Place them slightly away from each other, compared to the human eye.Add the nostrils.Our alien is friendly, because give him a wide smile.
Given that newcomers often presented as the crew of the spaceship, it is appropriate to draw an alien in a flying suit.Draw guided lines carcass jacket with long sleeves.The right hand of the character's hand is raised up to the viewer.Draw three long fingers.On the second hand, hand hidden behind the body, so it is virtually invisible.
Draw the lower part of the stranger.Since we depict dressed, add at the bottom of trousers and shoes with laces.
Rate the picture.You may want to add at this stage any more details.If not, take an eraser and erase the frame line.
It's time to add color to pale character.Traditionally, the color of the skin of the aliens depicted as green, sometimes gray or blue.The eyes are painted completely black, and put patches, one for each eye.Two-tone alien costume.Jacket - red yellow element yellow trousers, gray shoes.Alien is ready!