you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - colored pencils, paint, felt-tip pens.
figure may contain the usual things that symbolize for many people, the holiday: Easter cake, eggs and sprigs of willow.
Take a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil.In order to paint the eggs lying in a basket, log on to outline a basket.Draw a circle.The concave line separate the top one-third of the basket, and then draw a half circle - the handle.
Now you can fill the basket with eggs.Draw should be, from the curved line.When finished with this step, remove the eraser unnecessary lines from the scheme basket Doris handle a basket.
Liven up your shoppi
ng cart, make it texture.Draw around the perimeter of the rectangular cell.After this basket takes the form of finished products made of interwoven stems of the vines.
Proceed to the fun - prettification eggs.They can be self-colored and you can paint intricate patterns, Biblical and fantastic heroes - what just enough imagination of the child.Needless basket can be painted yellow or brown.
also afford a small child to draw an Easter cake.Draw a circle and then let-down on the sides of the vertical lines.The figure will look like a cylinder, which should be completed by a straight line.You have prepared a schematic illustration of cake.
Make the upper circle like the icing: paint stains on the bottom of like a sweet treat flows of cakes.At the top of the product can be drawn candle.
now decorate the cake should be.The dough can be beige, yellow, light brown.The glaze can be left white, and you can draw on it colorful terms, as if she sprinkled decoration for cakes.Also cakes can write the letters "XB", highlighting their darker than the background color.Now your ready drawing festive.