you need
  • pencils, an eraser, a sheet of A4 paper
Draw mother , which holds a child's hand.In the middle of the sheet make pencil sketch.Start with an oval face my mother.Divide it into two equal parts by a vertical line and the horizontal lines mark the line of the eyes, mouth and nose.Then, each of these parts are separated by horizontal lines.Thus, the lower bar - is the line of the mouth, and the upper line - eye.
Draw hair.If you want, you can make a bang.From oval need to hold down the center line and mark the waistline.Now you can draw a hand.They can be represented in the form of arcs which are convex outwardly.Then you need to define the boundaries of the dress.Two lines vertically below the dresses will be kicked.
Draw eyes, mouth, nose, mum on pla
nned lines oval.Draw her a dress.The fingers must be clearly legible.In her hands she can keep a bouquet of flowers.Drawing mother , consider the proportion of the adult.
Start drawing the child next to her mother.Child draw as well as the mother , only with smaller proportions.Draw the child's face, trunk, arms, legs.If you want to draw a girl, you better make blond hair and draw bows in her hair.Hands start painting in the form of convex arcs, one of which is connected to the mother's hand.Draw your fingers.
Draw her short dresses.The feet can be drawn shoes or sandals.When you have drawn mother with baby , you can draw a landscape that surrounds them.This may be a meadow, forest, pond or near a house can be drawn, the house in which they live.
Paint pencil drawing.There are many options.It all depends on what my mother looks, the color of her hair, maybe you want to present it the way you want to do.Do not forget to show this picture to their relatives or friends.They will appreciate your creativity.