you need
  • - Special water-based paints;
  • - sponzhiki;
  • - a brush with natural hair;
  • - thin pointed brush.
When buying akvagrima note that it is of two types: dry, pressed powder, resembling a watercolor paints, and liquid.
Before the first application of paint akvagrima check for allergic reaction in a small area of ​​the skin.
Before starting to paint, remove the model's hair from his face so that his forehead was open.Despite the fact that akvagrim easily satisfied with this content from any tissue, the best festive attire to change to any other, which is not a pity to stain or wear an apron.
Apply on face tone.For this purpose wet sponge.Carefully squeeze it, make sure that it does not remain water.Rub the sponge paint and light circular movements, apply it on the face.Make sure to lay the paint evenly and uniformly distributed over the entire face.
Apply akvagrim up to the hairline, and the line at the lower edge of the face should be smooth and clear.Do not forget about forever.During the application of tone on the lower eyelid ask the model to look up, then paint the upper eyelid.The relief of the face usually cause the most trouble.There is nothing complicated.The folds of the lips, the nose and the corners of the eyes, simply to paint more carefully.
After the first coat dries, proceed to the second stage.Take the brush and wet, type it in circular strokes of paint.Keep brush at right angles to the skin model.Draw lines, shapes and elements of the future make-up.
fine brush is easier to make fine lines or dots.For example, if you draw a tiger, it is better to strip paint with a fine brush, and to draw the rest of the details, you can use a thicker brush.If the brush is only one - the less you press it, the thinner the strip will be obtained.