you need
  • - paper;
  • - Drawing accessories.
Schematically build a human figure.Draw a vertical line and break it into eight pieces.In the upper division, draw head, the following three segment takes the body, and the remaining four feet up.The length of the arms comes to mid-thigh.To clad the figure it is only necessary to determine the proportion not covered by clothing painting a part of the body.
Draw sundress from the shoulders are two short straps to the direct or cutou
ts bodice.Under breasts sundress puckered, and to the bottom of it greatly expands.Draw a wavy line down, portraying the broad soft folds of fabric.From the chest swipe radially divergent fold lines.In the center and hem sundress Suffer broad patterned border.
Now we need to draw the shoulders and puffed sleeves shirts - they can be expanded from the top or, on the contrary, at the bottom.Bottom sleeves gathered at the cuff and forms the bulk overlap.Another option - wide trapezoidal sleeves, decorated on the bottom of the wide embroidered border.The upper part of the shirt, not a closed sundress, also decorated with embroidery around the neck solntsevidnoy.
Draw traditional female hairstyle - smooth parted hair, long braid slung over his shoulder ahead.Under oblique at the back is a large bow - its edges are visible from the front.A bottom braid decorate embroidered Kosnikov.
on his head picture a beautiful high kokoshnik heart-shaped or any other shape.Edge kokoshnik can be issued scalloped line.On the side of the headdress, as well as on its edge along the forehead can go short strings of beads in the form of fringe.Decorate kokoshnik floral or geometric patterns, emphasizing its shape.
male folk costume start drawing a shirt, ending below the belt.Shoulders draw wider male.The sleeves of his shirt a little extended to the bottom and straight or gathered on the cuff to the assembly.Picture standing cylindrical collar and zipper on the chest, on the left.Typically, both of these elements are decorated with embroidery or lace.
mandatory and important detail of male costume - a belt or sash.They belted at the waist shirt.The festive variant sash richly decorated.Draw a knotted belt with two hanging ends.
Next draw pants - they are wide, tucked into high boots or leggings rag wrapped around his shin, and on top of leggings worn sandals.Leggings draw cord tied narrow characteristic crossed line.The legs form the tops of the boots or onoochas small amount - lapping of the collected tissue.
Put on the depicted person or soft boots with low heels or golden braided bast sandals.Try to accurately convey the weaving, because sandals - originally Russian footwear is one of the most typical and recognizable elements of folk costume.
Complete drawing depicting a round hairstyle "under the pot" and headgear - cap with a narrow band and decorated with a flower (this piece is characteristic of the urban suit), or high, just knocked sideways caps.