you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint;
  • - brushes;
  • - palette;
  • - water tank.
If you decide to paint a large-scale battle scenes, take a sheet of large format (minimum A3) and place it horizontally.Summary your task - to correctly depict human figures and assemble them harmoniously in the space of a sheet.First, determine the overall composition - Draw the outline of the main mass of the drawing - the crowds, military equipment, trees, mountains, etc.
Make a rough sketch of landscape elements and proceed to drawing the human figure.That they receive credible, get pictures of people fighting, make screenshots of movies about the war.Also, each position can be simu
lated on a hinged wooden figure of a man.Build for each participant of the battle lines of the frame, indicating the spine, arms and legs.Then add volume figures, draw clothing and weapons.
Before portray the real battle scene, study materials about it to match the picture stories.Learn how to look the form of soldiers, what was the location of the troops and the conditions in which the battle took place - these features will need to be reflected in the figure.
, however, does not necessarily draw dozens of people, and the two will be enough.You can portray a soldier during a battle or a short break.The principle of construction of the human figure is the same.Along with the study of the anatomy of the importance of increasing study of costume and facial expression characters.Characteristic features of the outfit you can copy a photograph.When drawing the parties also have to take a hint.Search for photos of people with the appropriate facial expressions - fatigue, stress or aggression in the face - and transfer those traits to figure.
Association of war may arise when looking at the picture, which will not be a single person.You can portray the city destroyed after the bombing.First, build a pencil "skeleton" of entire buildings, then draw the holes in their walls and roofs, pieces of bricks and boards, broken glass, discarded things.Coloring picture using paint dark, dingy shades.In contrast, you can draw a bright spot of green, grown in a crack of asphalt or broken wall.