you need
  • - drawing paper;
  • - pencil / charcoal;
  • - paints, brushes.
to portray Shurale imagine intricately curved gnarled snag sticking in place of dried wood.Shurale - forest spirit who lives among thickets and cleverly disguised as a natural environment of their habitat.
Draw this snag, giving it a resemblance to a man.Let it will have a long, curved and hunched torso, as if broken in half.At the end of driftwood paint bulge - a kind of
a head with a long hooked nose bitch, elongated pointed chin, long, look like a donkey, ears and sunken eyes.
chippy on the forehead picture the mote that is in the form of direct horns.Hair Shurale can be represented in a confused tangle of fine threads.They can also be similar to the long villi moss or lichen.
have Shurale, according to ancient tradition, only one hand (and, besides, one eye and half of the soul), because of this, the representatives of this kind of forest spirits called before half-and-half.But nowadays almost forgotten these details, and you may well represent Shurale with two long arms, like gnarled branches.In the hands draw any number of gnarled fingers.
Moves Shurale on long, almost unbending legs, which also have a view of the gnarled branches or intertwined roots.You can also draw the legs with big feet, characteristic of the man, but in any case, they should have the look and texture of wood, "Tapered".
Use colors natural colors, typical of the old moldy or, conversely, dry wood: brown, green, silvery-gray shades, reddish-rusty-colored lichens.
lines that you draw should be very expressive, because the whole complexion Shurale built on curves, angular, as if broken, lines, transmitting his difficult character and restless, contradictory nature.At the same time, do not try to portray the terrible monster, because the attitude towards Shurale in his homeland, in Tatarstan, highly ironic, and even love.