Determine the location and boundaries of the drawing sheet on it.To do this, you need to decide how much of the area, which is a memorial, you will draw.Include in the "frame" is too much of the surrounding objects should not be - it will distract attention from the main subject.
is important to find the best point from which you will draw the eternal fire .If you stand directly in front of him, the image of the object in the center of the sheet may look pretty boring.Try searching for a more interesting composition solution.
Building a composition on the space the paper, keep in mind that around the center of the picture should remain a little "air" - white space.Make sure the subject does not apply to any one of the faces of the sheet.
Calculate the proportion of subjects
and make a sketch.During a sketch from nature verify how true this or that line.To do this, use the method of sighting: pull out his hand with a pencil and put in it the size of the item.Count how many times it is placed in other parts of the picture.This relation will need to be reflected in the outline.
Many memorials are built with an eternal flame in the form of a five-pointed star.To draw it, draw the rays of the stars in the form of rays on a plane area.Then Doris all sides of the figure.From every corner of the figures raise perpendicular equal to the height of construction.Draw a line drawn on a plane parallel to the silhouette.Then spend a perpendicular from the center, the rays emanating from this point, connect with the top of the vertices of the star.
Erase the construction lines and paint the picture any material.Designating the umbra and penumbra on the surface of the star, keep in mind that it is covered by at least two sources (in the daytime).
At least draw the flame of eternal fire.Rather, it will be slightly biased toward the wind.Draw a large main color language, and then in small touches add more shades.