you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, materials for work in color.
Prepare landscape materials needed for the work.A sheet of paper, position horizontally or vertically, depending on the choice of the military machine.Also determine - will you draw from memory, or to make a copy with a different image.The last option is appropriate, as military equipment has a lot of small details that are missing can prevent inaccuracies in the figure.
With a simple pencil sketch start to perform.Easy Barcode label the overall shape of the car.Use to outline geometric shapes - rectangles, squares, triangles, circles for the image of caterpillars, wheels, body, cab and so on. Important point - if you're drawing technique in the projection (when the object is seen by more than one side), keep in mind
the prospect of (parallelthe line must cross "on the horizon").
Start drawing the main parts, "obtesyvaya" geometric shapes.Round off corners, paint windows, recesses and so on. After a light walk around the specification drawing eraser and erase the auxiliary lines.
Proceed to clarify the drawing.For example, caterpillar of the tank will not have a flat surface, they are jagged.Also, gradually add small details - little windows, screens, lights, valves, and more.Please note that some parts will have to draw in the future (if your model is not shown frontally).At this point, think of and outline the background - the forest, the desert, the field of military operations, etc.
Then choose - will you finish drawing in color or limit light shading.In the latter case - apply the finishing touches in the form of the machine, in the shadow areas using crosshatching.After its application can eraser to draw highlights on the metal casing.Then emphasize the fore.
When the first common colors fill color, and then gradually lighten or darken the right places.But start first with the background.After applying the color of the stroke can use thin black marker pen or helium, it will give the clarity of the picture.