you need
  • - watercolor paper;
  • - pencil eraser;
  • - watercolors and round brush medium diameter.
before drawing should look into the vegetables that you want to portray.What is it form?If the form is complex, define a simple form in which you can enter.For example, radishes fits into the circle or oval - these draw geometric shapes to form bumage.Sveryayas with nature, give a range of natural forms - uneven, the expansion of root crop top, narrowing at the tail.Pririsuyte long curved tail
and leaves foliage.Leaves can be drawn, based on a curved languages ​​ellipses and triangles that have to do wavy contours and leaves the center to portray the thick veins.
Beet drawn in a manner similar to that described above.However, beets and radishes larger often has a more irregular or complex shape.For example, some of its roots may resemble a heart.
To draw a bow, try one again to the help of a circle or oval.Then adjust this form pririsoval wider hips at the bottom of the bulb.Top gear add the base line from which grow green shoots of onions and connect it to a smooth line with a circle-osnovoy.Izobrazite themselves long shoots perevidnymi figures.Below the base of the bulb to draw small strings-backs.The shape of the bulb, apply thin strokes that mimic the texture of its surface.
carrot draw much elongated ellipse.One end slightly expand, and the second - and narrow the pririsuyte him a thin tail.To place the wide end of the cut tops in the form of a trapeze with a zigzag line base.Short triple or double strokes picture a bit "hairy" surface carrots.
Cabbage, although it has a rounded shape, the most difficult to implement, especially if its leaves are gathered into a tight head.Mark the circle on the paper - the basis for the image of cabbage.At the top of head to draw a smaller circle - a socket formed by the tops of the folded inner circle listev.Razdelite main smooth rounded lines into several pieces, depicting the outer layers of the leaf.Draw as they wrapped outside.The edges of the leaves make a wavy (scalloped).
vegetables better to color it with watercolors, using pure vegetable base color and darken it in the shadows.To form the glare just leave untouched white paper.For tops, use multiple shades of green to get a realistic picture and picturesque.