Space guest

word "comet" (some of the Slavic peoples become a "Kamet") in Greek means "hairy star".That is, the star, which consists of two parts - the body and tail, and the tail can be several.Draw a guest from the depths of space, start hard pencil.Leaf place as you wish.To begin to draw step by step, put somewhere closer to the center point of the sheet.
can initially sketch the direction of the tail, and only then determine the position of the other parts.Tail - a curve of arbitrary shape.

Draw ball

Comet is usually portrayed as a star, but it is not necessary.Draw a circle around the point.Many cosmic objects have a spherical shape, so wh
y the comet may not be such?It moves the tail from the ball or more - diverging curves, one of which may be longer than others.
on the outline sufficient to designate only the outline of the tail.

Draw comet paints

stars are usually seen at night when the dark sky.If you paint with watercolor, first make fill - soak a sheet of water using a sponge, trying not to go over the outline of a comet.Pour the sheet of black or dark blue paint can, too, with a sponge or soft brush wide.Allow the sheet to dry.Comet draw white, bluish, yellowish or silvery paint.

shaggy star

Most often comet draw a star.The number of rays may be any of the four.To draw a four-pointed star, draw a cross.It can be both direct and oblique.At each end, draw an arrow, extending each line to its intersection with coming from a different angle.

You can also draw a classic five-pointed star.On a Christmas card to be six-pointed star.That it turned out, first draw a cross, and then swipe through the intersection of another line.At the ends draw arrows as well as in the drawing a four-pointed star.With regard to the tail, it is a curved line that starts at a small distance from the body of the comet.

Drawing pastel

If you have a velvet paper, pastel crayons, you do not need to pour paint background.Select the sheet of black or dark blue.Draw a circle or a star - on the dark leaves best white pencil to draw, but you can just fine.Paint the body of the comet.The tail can draw a longitudinal or transverse strokes without making a preliminary sketch.