you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, colored pencils or paint.
Draw a rectangle, where one side is 8 cm, and the other - 15 cm.
Measure on the upper side of 9 cm and place point A exactlyMeasure also the lower side and set point B. Connect these two points of a straight line.
Measure from the right point in the 8 cm and up to 4 cm. Finish this new rectangle.
At the finish with school memories and from the strict geometry proceed directly to work.If you do everything correctly draft
ed in the previous steps, now you can already see the outlines of a future machine.
draw four lines cockpit windows.Round the sharp angle of the hood.
"Lift" a little cabin with respect to the body and paint on the roof of the signal flasher.
From the top rear of the machine at an angle of approximately 30-40 degrees draw two parallel lines.Connect them transverse lines to get the fire escape.
Draw two wheels in a circle in a circle - under the cab and under the body.Add a front headlight.
Circle contours of the car, erasing eraser extra lines.Write the numbers "01" on the board.
Paint your car fire crayons or paints.Complete drawing details - houses, road, human figures.