you need
  • - table with glass surface;
  • - lamp;
  • - sand;
  • - video camera;
  • - projector.
Prepare all the necessary tools to work.Choose a table with a glass surface.Please note that the glass surface to be brushed, and the height of the table should be comfortable to work.
put under the table lamp to illuminate the picture.In the glass, pour volcanic sand.He has a very fine grain that lets you render even the smallest details.If there is a special sand, then sift the good ordinary river sand.
Next to the table put the tripod height of about 2m, which attach the camera and position the projector so that the viewer would see everything that happens on the glass.
Think of the plot of your story.It should have a plot, the culmination of a major part, and the denouemen
t or the final.Images must be replaced quickly enough to keep the audience in suspense, and so the latter did not lose interest in what is happening.
Consider each frame separately.Between them, there should be no sharp transitions, i.e.each time not baste all the sand and start painting again.Pictures should flow smoothly into each other.
Use bright unusual and spectacular images - the viewer should not be easy to predict the next frame.
Learn basic technique of drawing with sand separate elements.Background can be a light, iewithout sand, and dark - when all covered with bulk material.To draw on a light background, type a bit of sand in his hand and letting it trickle of clamped cam depicting the boundaries of images.
Similarly Draw small parts, for example, parts of the face.The technology of drawing with sand on a dark background is a little different.Wipe off the sand in places, which will include the necessary details of the picture.Be very careful, because the elements necessary to determine the boundaries of the first attempt.
to draw large round pieces, clean the surface of the circular movement of your finger to draw lines of individual little finger swipe across the sand, drawing a set of points using the fingertips of both hands simultaneously.Be sure to observe the scale.