you need
  • paper, a pencil, an eraser, colored markers or crayons.
Write the text of his writing graffiti print on a conventional printed album pages, leaving enough space between letters.You have created a framework of future work in the wild style.
give the desired shape of each individual letter.Draw the contours of lines of light that can be effortlessly erased and corrected.
Twist letters to each other, extending certain lines, such as horizontal line in the letter "N" and the bottom of the arc in the "C".Stretch and bend the elements of the picture as long as they do not begin to merge, as if absorbing each other.Let the individual letters "entangle" the other.
Add drawing expression adorning the ends of the lines with sharp arrows and try to make sure that they bristled in di
fferent directions.Remember that the creation of inscriptions in graffiti wild style involves abstract, difficult to grasp the nature of the image.Words written in a wild style, can be seen for a long time, as if solving an intricate puzzle.
Add volume.Pririsuyte individual elements sidewalls.Mark the location of the shadows at the same time try to place them correctly in the same direction, focusing on the imaginary light source.
Use a thin black marker to clearly define the contours of the inscription.For more expressive graffiti lines must be of different thickness.Dougie and horizontal lines can be made fatter others.
Give marker to dry completely, and then carefully remove all traces of a pencil eraser.
Paint drawing colored markers.Creating labels wild style involves the use of bright, flashy colors.However, remember that the best for text graffiti is considered a combination of two or three colors.
Emphasize the amount of the individual picture elements using markers darker shade to indicate shadows.