you need
  • - simple pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - watercolor paints;
  • - brush.
Take a sheet of paper and a pencil.A sheet of paper is placed horizontally.Draw all kinds of flowers, and is especially difficult to successfully drawing first good look at their structure and form.You can draw an object with nature, using fresh flowers, as well as use the simplified form, a variety of structures.
basis of the flower is a certain geometrical figure.Understand this when drawing bells, then it will be easier to cope with the work.Mentally draw the boundaries of the image.It is important to figure bell did not seem too big, is centered and does not extend beyond the edge of the sheet.
first draw a stem with a curved tip.Carefully read the twig, it has thin veins.Draw of small strokes.Number of stalks can be arbitrary.Branch will be located on the future flowers.
Start draws buds.From the end of one branch mark the first bud.Draw an oval thin line.From the base of twigs mark the first tab, it will be located in the center of the oval.End tab Draw a thin line.
the right lobe of the second draw.To do this, put a pencil in the place where you started to draw the first tab and complete the smooth line, curved slightly to the right.
Draw the third petal, again put a pencil at the base of the flower and fine finish line, holding a pencil left.Will bud bell.Schedule's flowers, depending on how many branches painted.
For registration of branches paint some flowers in the shape of a star.In the middle of a circular core Doris.Petals have to go from one point and end in different directions.On twigs draw some long and narrow leaves.
Erase all auxiliary lines to give the bell a real shape and form.Watercolors paint the flowers, make them bulky, using different shades of colors.Buds draw a blue or blue color, and the leaves - green.