purchasing acrylic, make sure that all the colors belonged to one manufacturer - it will facilitate the mixing of colors in the painting.Unlike gouaches acrylic is not spoiled in dry form and does not burst, and does not require dilution water.Instead of water, it is best to use a special acrylic diluent.
Do not use a bristle brush, suitable for oil paints - purchase high-quality synthetic brushes of different diameters and cross sections.Do not forget to wash in water, be sure to brush immediately after the necessary touches to be made -
acrylic dries quickly, and if the paint dries on the brush, wash it will not succeed.
Depending on what you are going to paint, buy in art stores corresponding colors - for painting ceramics, wood, glass or normal painting on primed canvas or paper.
Acrylic paints are ideal for painting on fabric.In this respect, they are divided into simple acrylic fabric and dye batik - they are suitable for a light and airy fabrics (silk or chiffon) and a liquid structure.
If you are going to paint a shirt or T-shirt - buy ordinary acrylic paints for painting fabrics.They are quite thick, well-kept on the fabric and resistant to light and water.
causing the paint, do light and thin strokes, putting them at short intervals on each other, the layers of paint had to dry.It will consolidate drawing better than if you applied a thick layer of paint.
If you decide to paint the shirt - you need monochromatic shirt, preferably made of natural fabrics, as well as a sketch of the future drawing and paint the same color.
You can also use acrylic contours, which are sold in tubes and fix the edge of the paint, as well as serve as an ornament and aesthetic complement of drawing.
Draw in a spacious room with the possibility of airing.Stretch T-shirt in the frame, inserted into, and Cover the inside of the frame with paper or cloth, the paint has not penetrated to the opposite side of the T-shirts.
draw you like a brush, and using a stencil and acrylic paints aerosol.In the latter case, pay special attention to the protection of the respiratory system.
If you paint with a brush, to mark the beginning of the contours on the fabric pencil drawing, referring to the sketch.Then begin to trace the contours of acrylic and fill each element of the pattern desired color.
Detail the drawing, modify it, and when you're done - leave for a couple of hours to dry.When the image is dry, iron its hot iron through several layers of paper.