you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, pictures.
1 Select a photo, which will rubbings image.If it is a portrait of a person, it is best to take a few shots as the expression on each different pictures, and you can catch the characteristics of the presence of multiple images.Prepare a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser.Place photos ourselves in front of eyes, fixing them on the plate, wall or something else.In this position, the original will be visible to you without distortion in the long term.Start to perform a sketch.
Sketch light touches the contours of the object, its prime location on the sheet.Then proceed to outline the details of the object.Verify the direction and size of the original drawing, using pencil.If you have to increase the drawing - pencil measure how man
y times delayed or that detail in the length or width of the image on the photos and transfer the data to your drawing.
Further details of the image are drawn - the eyes, the ears, the nose, the structure and location of the clutches (in animals) and so on.All the time check with the original.
When the main picture is ready, look for shadows, glare and other lighting effects on the body of the object.Check it all in the picture.Please note that your image will not be an exact copy of a photographic image.This is due to small errors in his vision of nature and the artist.
Use the eraser to remove the extra line, clean design of the spots around the image.Copy or one of your own background.Add shadows in the plane.Select materials to work in color or make pencils of different softness for the hatch pattern.
Fill pattern start with the background, and then move on to the project, gradually refining the details.All the time, pay attention to the original on photos .You can add your details.For example, pririsovat cat in the neck bow, or depicting a man dressed in the Middle Ages.Ask and make clearer the forefront of the picture.