Acrylic paint, diluted with water, acquires the characteristics of watercolor - transparency and tender shades.To achieve this effect in a drawing, prepare two water tanks - one you will wash the brush, the other must remain clean.
are used for diluted acrylic soft brush, suitable for watercolor: to fill the large surface protein is suitable to work out the details in a letter to the dry leaves - speakers.
maximum pure color translucent acrylic succeed in drawings on paper.On primed canvas shades priglushatsya and some fade.
To get a smooth transition from one color to another, using the technique of "on-wet".Wet sheet of clean water and immediately put on a layer different shades.In the place of contact of paint will mix and form a picturesque nodules.
feature acrylic is its quick drying.
Adjust picture and blur the boundaries immediately after applying the paint, after a few seconds it will freeze, and all faces smear will clear and visible.
waited until the first layer of paint is dry, apply it the next, a different shade.In contrast to watercolors, acrylic paint does not blend in "dirty" color, and will shine through all subsequent thin layers.Because of this with the help of the overlay can be difficult to obtain deep colors.
acrylic stains of different colors you can "merge" the final layer of neutral color.He asks one tone all areas of drawing, but not mixed with the color of any of them.
If acrylic is not diluted with water, it can be written as oil.As a basis suitable for both paper and primed canvas.In this case it is better to take a hard brush - bristles and synthetics.
Acrylic paints have good hiding power, so they can sketch a failed fragment and walk through this new layer of paint.This is useful for "layered" creating a pattern: you can paint the entire background color, and then subject it to fill a white base paint and any color - hue is bright and clean.
Acrylic can be used not only as the main material, but also as an auxiliary.Often they created the so-called underpainting in the pictures, which will be completed with oil.