you need
  • - pencils;
  • - eraser.
Mark the list that you make it easier to draw the final outlines of buildings.Leaf better put horizontally.Divide it in half the central vertical axis.
This segment divided into five equal parts.One such area may be taken as the unit of measurement.The two lower parts otchertite smooth horizontal line - this is the level of the horizon, which ends with the visible part of the road.Turn away from the central axis to the right and to the left a distance equal to a quarter of the segment, taken as a unit of measurement - so would you describe the width of the road at this level.
from the bottom of the sheet on the right and left edges, measure a distance equal to one unit.From the top of the segment to the right, draw a line to the right edge of the segment at t
he horizon.Draw the same line left.So you drew the road.At its center, draw two solid dividing lines converging at the top.Then, draw a few broken lines on the right and left of the central axis.
turn away from the horizon down by about a centimeter.From this point, the right and left aside for one and a half units.Draw a vertical line upward, tilting them slightly to the central axis (the angle of inclination must be the same).You have turned the corners of buildings, which are in the foreground.Behind them, draw rectangles, skyscrapers located on.They should be more inclined toward the center.
Draw several cars on the road, and on the sides of the motorway - two lamps.Along the way, you can draw a sidewalk.
Shade drawing pencil different softness.Start with the darkest shading of objects in the picture - trees along the sidewalk and windows machines.They can be colored pencil soft 4M.Then fill in the color of asphalt.Apply the line along the leaf, then add the finishing touches 45 degrees to the previous one.Make tons of asphalt in the foreground more crowded than in the back.
Pencil TM paint the front wall of the building on the right.Then, by reducing the pressure, shade the side walls of nearby houses.Draw a bright window.Place them in horizontal rows, as we move to the background distance between rows of stories shrinking.
when the flowers will be filled with all the objects in the picture, you can further elaborate each of them - to draw small elements on vehicles, to add shadows and reflections in the windows of houses.