you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser.
Select a drawing style that is going to do.Find pictures that best fits your purpose.Consider the figure of the horse carefully.To single out a few parts, which can be divided into an animal to make it easier to work with.
head can be divided into a circle and a rectangle, similar to the cone neck, chest is a large bowl of cereals - the same circle.Feet horse pay attention, you can even learn the anatomy of the animal to understand the structure of the limb, where the major bones and joints.The only way to depict these slender body horse.
Connect the basic shapes that make up your sketch, smooth lines
into a single silhouette.Outline the animal's legs, complete your hoof.Ask form the horse's back, do not forget about the deflection of the spine, which is present between the shoulder blades and the croup horse.Draw the tail, mane and ears.
Erase the wrong line, achieve harmony of shapes.Refer to the picture-sample.Schedule strokes horse muscles are clearly visible under the skin.On the face schematically Draw eyes, nose and mouth cut.Strands mane may close part of a horse's head.Draw round the cheek of the animal.
The next step is work on the details.Try to keep the lines were smooth and natural.Peered into the picture to watch, even small nuances of the body structure and the horse's head.Wool round hooves, bang between the ears, nose velvet, shiny skin - all you need to be reflected in your drawing.
Now you need to make the figure of the volume, is achieved by means of light and shade.Determine the point where the light will fall on the horse.Those parts of the body on which the sun shines leave a white or light-colored.What it is in the shadow, pencil shade.Make muscle relief for bulging eyes, leave the white glare.
Put a picture to work on it later, when your eyes a rest and make out any inaccuracies or rough drawing.