First, the first is to determine the amount you're willing to be spent on the gun.Good and average quality markers cost $ 150, for a lower price, you can buy only cheap markers for beginners.However, they are not so bad - among them there are very high quality models produced major firms.So, if you are not going to become a super soldier in paintball, but sometimes you just want to shoot on the weekend, you may well opt for it on an inexpensive gun.
worth noting that you will need to purch
ase as their balloons, gas, clothing and a mask.
Before you go to the store, it is worth trying to shoot from different models of paintball markers in the club.You can also ask for a gun to play someone of the familiar.So it will be much easier to choose.In addition, you can just communicate with players on the court or paintball fans on the forums to learn about the pros and cons of a particular marker.
Decide on the choice of gas, which will operate the marker.This or nitrogen (air), or carbon dioxide.Preference is better to give to what run by the markers in the clubs in which you are going to play.In addition, please note that carbon dioxide is usually enough for a longer period of play.If you plan to play in the cold, then the best choice would be nitrogen.
Pay attention to the materials from which made the markers.With the active use of the polymer body wears out faster than aluminum or steel.When purchasing be sure to learn how to understand the gun, how easy it is to clean and maintain, or repair.
Equally important in the choice of the marker is your style of play.This will determine the length of the gun's weight.For example, if you prefer to play in the forest, buy a marker with a large range, with a long barrel.If you are a tournament player - you will approach a compact marker with a high rate of fire.The most accurate - rifled barrels, but they are present in expensive models.