you need
  • white sheet of paper, pencil, paint, tinsel and a little wool, glue and scissors.
The first thing to do - is to sketch the future landscape in pencil on a sheet. Figure should create light translucent lines.Draw snowdrifts and trees in the snow.Very romantic and cozy at the same time will look rustic lodge.He must have a pipe, stavenki, porch.
Once cope with the sketch, start coloring scheme.In a palette using cardboard or a sheet of paper.Colors are mixed so that there were various shades of bluish-white to blue-blue.It will need to give the image naturalness.For registration of the
house can also be used mixing colors, just different colors.
Once the picture will be decked out, let it thoroughly dry.In the meantime, be engaged in the preparation of material for decoration.Take a prepared silver rain and cut it into small pieces.Vata Narva small thin slices.
already dried, apply a thin layer of fabric glue in different places.Now sprinkle the prepared silver crumb you were cut out of the rain.This material can be used not only as an image of sparks in the snow, but also for the design of the night sky (if your picture suggests that time of day).Pieces of cotton wool stick to images of trees and snowdrifts (important not to overdo it).