you need
  • sheet of heavy paper flesh-colored wax pencil sanguine, pencil EB lithography.
Schedule basic contours.Light wax pencil lines mark the basic contours of the figure.During the measure with a pencil angles of inclination of the body, head, legs, as well as parts of the chair.Ask The Model as possible to maintain the position adopted.At the same time you have to make sure to make her feel comfortable enough.
Ask drawing.Clarify once again draws a sketch and start the main line.By varying the pressure of the pencil, making them more intense in areas where the figure is a shadow.In our case it is, for example, the rear side of the calf Artist's Model, or the area where it concerns the back of the chair back.
Proceed to the drawing pencil.Take a pencil and draw U a few quick strokes of Artist's Model features.Do not overload the drawing.Remember that black pencil lines are applied on top of the figure is already wax pencil and therefore very clearly stand out against the sanguine.
Draw hands.Carefully read folded hands Artist's Model, and then portray them easy, energetic line.Draw the outline of clothing.Add folds in the fabric near the elbow and under the breasts.Draw a dark shadow that lies between the skirt and the Artist's Model chair.
Add tone and detail skirt.Continue to work over all picture.Ask outlines feet Artist's Model, add a darker tone on her hair and skirt.Note that the direction of the hatch lines parallel to crease the folds of her skirt.It is important to draw a chair, as it is the pose Artist's Model.Carefully Draw chair legs and lie on their shadows.
Deepen tone hair.Deepen tone Hair Model with the help of diagonal pencil lines.Falling on the shoulders pass long strands of hair smooth lines.
Add warm tone in the legs and arms Artist's Model.Take sanguine and add a warm shade to spawn Artist's Model and on the underside of her folded hands.