you need
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser.
first determine with which purpose you intend to draw signs of the zodiac.So, if to portray each character you need to illustrate the horoscope, it is desirable to use the symbols of the zodiac signs and try to redraw them as accurately as possible.And if you decide to paint the zodiac with their children, then there is possible to set free his own imagination and try to portray signs of the zodiac as it is to please you and the children.
As you know, all there are twelve signs of the zodiac.Find a picture of the zodiacal circle and see what character matches any character.Symbols of zodiac signs is not particularly difficult to image, so they can represent just redrawn with the appropriate pictures.
If you draw a zodiac circle with the children, try to make the image of characters fun and exciting for children.Thus, Aries can be fun lamb, Taurus - small calf with horns, Gemini - a two babies.Cancer draw large claws and whiskers, so that he looked like a character from a fairy tale.Leo let it be with a smile and a thick mane.As Virgin fit girl with pigtails, and scales represented in the form of conventional weights, which are, for example, fruit or ice cream.Scorpio also should not look terrible - let him, for example, be funny eyes.Sagittarius picture a boy with a slingshot.Capricorn is a normal kid.And Aquarius - a child, poured water from a bucket.Last sign - Pisces - draw a goldfish.These figures are not only delight the child, but also help him to learn all signs of the zodiac.
If you want to draw zodiac signs in the classic version, then if you want you can find walkthroughs, how to draw the image of each character.