you need
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - a sheet of paper.
Draw head this funny character.In form it resembles a square.You need to portray this figure wavy line.Add Sponge Bob nose and eyes.The nose of the hero has several protruding upward form.To draw the eye first picture the two small semi-circular shape, and then add them one by one inside the semicircle that will pupils.Eyes Sponge Bob lacks only the cilia.Draw them in the form of short straight lines running upwards from the eye.
Add person Sponges Bob emotions.It is a cheerful, happy, cheerful and mischievous character who is almost always smiling.So stretch your mouth cartoon character into a wide smile.Two upper teeth Sponge Bob come forward.Draw them as two rectangles.In addition, it draws the cheeks and freckles.
make the head of the porous character, because he is a sponge.This effect can be achieved by drawing a few holes of different shapes in different places.Try to make the jagged edges of the circles, then the picture will look more interesting.
Go to the body of the hero of the animated series.Draw a collar and tie, shirt and trousers with a belt.SpongeBob wears short pants, so his feet can be seen very well.Draw them, and depicting the shoes with laces and socks.Doris hands and short sleeves shirt.
Add your drawing background.Since SpongeBob lives, works, making friends, having fun and fooling around on the ocean floor, the background can be a picture of the underwater world.Draw sand, seaweed, jellyfish and swimming by the corals.In addition, you can draw this funny and mischievous hero on the background of his house, which resembles a pineapple.Funny details accentuate the overall laid-back mood of your picture and add it fullness.