you need
  • - paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
ability to notice a characteristic feature of man - the key to success in creating cartoon well.Watch for his "victim" in everyday life and to highlight exactly the trait that sets it apart from all others.This may be part of appearance, personality, manifested in facial expressions or movements.
Depending on what feature you found, determine the composition of your drawing.If you caught something in the man's face, the image will have to appear portrait, which occupies the main part of the sheet.If specific properties have been found in the figure of the model or her movements, allocates space so that it will fit in a full-length sketch.
essence cartoon and is exaggerating the details.To deliberately draw the wrong part of the body, one must know the principles of its image in an undistorted form.Build a person or a whole figure, in accordance with traditional proportions.It should be a minimalist pencil sketch, which only identifies the location of parts of the figure and their volume.
begin to change that part over which you want to laugh good-naturedly.Make it more and, if necessary, reduce the rest of the body to highlight the comic effect.
At this stage, you need to choose the style of cartoon well.You can make it realistic - then the main part of the body will not need distortion.If you do figure in the "cartoon" style, from the actual proportions can be strong enough to move.
Complete pencil sketch by removing the auxiliary lines and detail drawn comic elements.
Pick material that you paint cartoon .Most often it is made in one color, to focus on the joke, and not be distracted by the vivid details.In this case, you need to cast the shadow of a pencil, gel pen or ink on a pencil sketch.When you work in a realistic manner, follow all the rules of use or any other watercolor paint.