all starts with the head

Jerry, which in some translations somehow renamed "Jerry" as the restless child, a minute is not sitting still.He is ready to wait for ages his friend-enemy Tom to make some dirty trick.Both characters can take the most improbable poses, so it is unlikely to draw any of them stand at "attention".Draw a better step by step, and it is more convenient to start with the head.She Jerry fairly large.As proportions of the figure of the character more reminiscent of a child's body.Draw a circle, and to your character seem more natural, make the circle a little uneven - even side that is closer to you, is convex, and the far - flattened.Mark the location for the ears and nose.The nose can be immediately and sketch - a small, irregular oval.
to outline more suitable
well-sharpened pencil solid.Details and contours drawn softer.

Draw ears

have a mouse - the big round ears.But, as it will be to the viewer in semi circles are transformed into ovals, with one ear completely visible, and the second - only partially.The one that is closer to you, the line connection to the head seems almost straight.This line will then have to be removed.
Exactly the same will and ears of Mickey Mouse and friends of Leopold.


Body Jerry roughly half the size of the head.It represents a square with rounded corners, or a trapezoid.Fully circuit trace is not necessary because there is a mouse hand for which you want to leave the place.To lower torso pririsuyte short pants.Trouser leg, which is closer to you, will be slightly wider than the second.

Hands and feet

Draw from that side which is turned to you, Jerry, shoulder - arc.The outer contour of the arc will continue straight line, so that it appeared on the body
mouse.Spend it parallel to a straight line.Draw a second hand.It's just a bar, a little shorter than the first.The handle can hold the mouse, such as cheese, ice cream, etc.Legs Jerry - two strips, located to each other at an angle.Draw hands-they are quite large, and feet, is an oval.

muzzle and the rest

silhouette of a mouse you have done.It remains to draw the details.Take a soft pencil.Draw eyes - they are Jerry big and round.Do not forget that the pupils should be in the same field of circles, or your mouse will look cross-eyed.Draw a muzzle, whiskers, eyelashes and smiling mouth.Mark the folds of clothing - the wrinkles on his elbows, his belt, his pants.Schedule lines and laces on sneakers.Your mouse is ready.By the way, his friend Tom enemy you can paint in the same manner, only the proportions are different.