you need
  • - drawing paper;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - colored pencils;
  • - soft cloth or paper for shading (cloth);
  • - eraser;
  • - knife sharpener or office;
  • - the original image;
  • - tracing.
Explore photos and videos from football of.Pay attention to their movements, muscle tension, facial expressions.Select the desired image format.You can portray player in full growth, to the torso or portrait.It is also necessary to determine the posture in which you want to draw it.He can make the kick or run, static stand, sit on the floor and so on.
determine the nature and intensity of the moment.It is necessary to pass through the motions player , facial expressions on his face, muscle tens
ion.If you imprinted it in the game, let them know the team is winning or not, in the fighting mood and he relaxed.All of these intangibles, not only to determine enhancements, professional football is different from the common man in the sports form with the ball.
Practice schematically depict people in motion.It is easy to move the pen across the paper, leaving a fuzzy strokes.Circle a bright line the most successful moments.Do not try to draw in clothes.First, carefully disassemble player «in installments."If you have the original image, take a look thoroughly as are the folds, shadows, whether clothes repeats the relief of muscle athlete.
Focus on the outer contours player .Circle player simple pencil trunk (can use tracing paper, so as not to ruin the image).Try to take them on paper.This figure will be similar in a clear display of details, and remotely resemble rasteksheysya patterns of paint.Never force a pencil.As in the previous exercise, use a light shading.After copying, the resulting image circle clear line.Copy is very useful in the learning process, because it learned to draw well-known artists.
Add the necessary details in the image.All the time, compare your drawing and photography (image).Keep an eye on the position of shadows, draw the muscles, add necessary details.Draw a face, if it is seen (at the beginning of training, try to draw a football player back to you - it will be easier to focus on the body and muscles).
In place of shadows, add a few strokes of a simple pencil , from dark to light.If the transition is too bright and noticeable, use a soft cloth or paper to create a blur effect (you can use your finger, if not afraid to get dirty).
When complete graphical part, add a bit of brightness using colored pencils.To strokes not be pronounced and not conspicuous, use the above technique.To do this using stationery knife, remove the colored slate chips.Rub it with a cloth or paper.Such a method is very well suited for painting the skin.Form player make more vivid.To do this, pick up the necessary colors, take a pencil.Light circular movements slowly paint over the surface.If you want a more intense color, strongly push the pencil.Blend color with a soft cloth or paper.