1 Open Photoshop and create a new object.Specify the size of 100 by 100 pixels.The created object, open a new layer, and then selecting the tool fill, fill it with any color (eg, black).
Click on this layer, right-click and go to Blending options.You will see the tabs of different effects and options.Select Inner Shadow, select the item in the blend mode Multiply.
then click the Gradient Overlay in the same window and set the following values: opacity 100%, angle -76, scale 70%.Set the gradient shades needed you.Apply the changes to configured gradient filled layer.
Create another layer.Take a small decorative brush with any texture and contrasting color paint on the avatar of any s
et of points and stripes.On the layer with a pattern select Blending mode overlay relative to the rest of the layers.
Then create a new layer and fill it with black with the Fill to 0%.

Reopen Blending options with respect to this layer and go to the tab Pattern Overlay.In the texture (pattern), select a texture in the form of an oblique shading on transparent background.

Apply the changes, and then select the text tool and write any text on your avatar - your name, slogan, abbreviation, and so on.
Reopen Blending options and then click Stroke.Specify the size of the circuit in 1 pixel transparent circuit - 50%, color - black.Click the gradient Overlay, and set gradient from gray to white with angle settings of 90, opacity 100%, scale 100%, blend mode normal.Click the inner glow and set on a layer of outer glow to your text was the illusion of lights.
Create another layer.Take the tool polygonal lasso tool and select an arbitrary area in the upper part of the avatar.With the gradient (gradient tool) fill this area white-transparent color transition to an avatar acquired the illusion of volume.
Again create a new layer, fill it with any color, go to the Blending options and set on a layer of inner glow (inner glow), then click the Stroke and set on a layer of circuit parameters - 1 pixel,black color, opacity is 100%.Click OK - we avatar frame appears.
Then take the lasso tool again and the bottom of the avatar randomly select a certain area.Fill this area with white color, then put back some texture on their own.Go to Blending Options and set the allocation inner shadow (Inner Shadow).

Create a new layer and write something on the field that you want - for example, the address of the site.
Now we have to make animated avatar.In the "File" menu, click edit in ImageReady.Open ImageReady, which need to find a panel of Animation, and set in a line a few frames (Duplicates current frame).
From the second frame, slightly modifies the avatar image in each of them - to reduce the transparency of the glow gradually increase it, or vice versa.
Finally, save the finished picture in gif with parameter 64 colors.