you need
  • pencil, brush, watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint, sanguine, sepia, pastel, paper
Enroll in an art school or training pattern.Usually, children's art schools have evening department for everyone older than 14 years.The program will then be summarized in a couple of years, you will learn the basics of painting, drawing, composition.It may also be added, and subjects such as art history, basics of computer graphics, etc.You will engage in small groups of 10-15 people with different levels of possession of a pencil and brush.Therefore, the standard explanation of the teacher will be the average - to understand everything.However, in the process of teacher monitors the work of all the students and explain any nuances of the individual (even the technique of setting can be adjusted depending on your abilities and charact
eristics).Of course, the knowledge gained will be far from exhaustive, but you get the basic skills and the direction in which you can develop yourself.
In the case of courses figure, you can usually select a single narrow specialization for more detailed study.The size of the groups here have less, which is much more convenient.However, the price increases significantly pleasure.Also, it will be necessary beforehand to ensure the qualification of people who will teach you.
Buy benefit drawing.Choose which of all kinds of teach-yourself better, rather difficult.To do this, read the reviews about them on specialized sites and in communities on the Internet.Give preference to those books that describe the general principles of working with different materials (pencil, watercolor, pastel, etc.) and the rules for constructing objects.
benefits, which are painted in stages methods of drawing specific objects ("How to draw a cat / rose / winter landscape", etc.), are less useful because they do not develop the ability, but only help you learnstandard scheme.If you look complicated subjects for paintings or there is fear of white sheet may help special books for the Emancipation of draftsmen.They are requested to fill a sheet of blots, to shed a page of coffee or to stick pieces of colored paper, and then modify the abstraction to a full figure.For example, "Wreck This Journal", the author - Keri Smith.
Draw always and everywhere.Draw constantly, any household items that catch the eye, make sketches of people that surround you.As you gain experience and will certainly improve the quality of the drawing.