you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener.
Prepare materials that you will need for the job.Draw a first rough image in my head robot .Already in the process you will be added to your drawing small parts that could not think of in advance.Depending on the shape of your robot position paper vertically or horizontally.Begin to perform simple sketch pencil .
Schedule main body of your robot using geometric shapes.Only then proceed to the sketch.Designate the torso oval or rectangle, circle head.Certainly better is to draw a line that will set the direction of the hands and feet.If your robot does not have a body and looks like an octopus - start drawing with the notation of the head.If it looks like a caterpilla
r or other insect - just mark the direction of body parts.
Proceed to light prorisovyvaniyu.At this stage, your robot must acquire traits.Draw your head what you have in mind - a round, elongated (as Alien) or other form.Gradually go to the body.Designate armor connections between the parts of the body is sticking out mechanisms (tubes, wires, gears, etc.).Pay attention to the extremities.Hands can be several.Or maybe your robot has several tentacles instead.Portrayal of lead from the top down.When the base figure will be over - eraser to remove the support and invisible lines.
Pay attention to detail.Consider the shape of the eyes and the entire face as a whole.The body Draw small details - ribbing tubes (or tentacles) of the joint extremities, inside arms, claws, antennae, small doors, light bulbs and so on.These small details, draw a well sharpened pencil .Specify a line using the eraser.
How to draw
After work you can cut around his drawing thin black marker pen or helium of the same color.Optionally, perform Greatest hatch.To give a metallic sheen robot - place hatch gently rub a piece of paper or your fingertip.After work wash your hands with soap and water.