you need
  • -Adobe Photoshop (optional);
  • -Access to the Internet (optional).
The easiest way to change the image format: do it with Paint.Click on 'Start »- & gt;"Standard" and find the system program for drawing.Run it, click on the tab "File» - & gt;"Open".In the file manager find the image you want and press Enter.Then, in the same "File" menu, select "Save As."A window opens identical to the previous one, where you can choose options for saving: the name and format.Limited number of formats: it can be .jpg, .gif, .tif and .bmp.
Use the button PrintScreen.It will help you get out of the situation if Paint is unable to open the image (for exampl
e, it is part of the document .pdf).Expand the image so that it is completely fit on the screen.Clicking the above button will lead to the fact that the screen shot (the shot will fall even mouse and "Start" menu) will be copied to the clipboard.To get it, you need to open Paint, and press the key combination «Ctrl» + «V», and then move the image appears in the upper left corner of the screen and move the right and bottom borders of cloth to remove the "out of frame" superfluous.
If you change the type of images without loss of quality is required on a regular basis, you should install on your computer program to convert.An excellent example is that of ImageConverter Plus - software allows the user to select any number of files, and change their format, besides imposing a pre-effects of varying complexity (if necessary).
excellent converter can serve as Adobe Photoshop.Its main advantage is that the user can define the output size of the canvas, drag to image and enlarge it.The program allows virtually no loss of quality to increase 2-3 times the image that is indispensable when working with small images (for instance - online avatars).