you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencils;
  • - eraser.
Sword is a fairly simple subject - it's a long blade with a handle.But these arms has a plurality of forms, and depending on this factor and the method of its application.Sword in many cultures is the symbol of nobility, so often these weapons were decorated with family crest and motto.This item is a work of art and heirlooms, and a symbol of justice, and a sign of mastery of the host.
The figure should accurately reflect the structure of the weapons, their combat power and value.The sword consists of the blade and the hilt.Ephesus, in turn, has a pommel, hilt and pommel.The blade can also be forged straight, curved (backwards or forwards), edged and
Select for his drawing the sword that fits your character.Find the most clear picture so you can see all the details of the model.If the sword is in the hands of the character image, the hero of the first draw and mark the place for weapons.If you picture a blade schematically mark its location on a piece of paper and envelopes.
Draw a cross with a long bar for the handle and blade and transverse to guard.The pommel is represented as a circle.Extend the handle by two curved lines on both sides of the axis.Look at the shape of the guard in the photo, try strokes to outline its structure.
If you need a massive two-handed sword, the blade is long and wide enough (dvuhlezviynym).The tip of the sword is also made of different shapes, look for your model.
Wash extra lines and make accurate contour drawing of the sword.Apply a pattern if its presence is expected.Handle often was wound leather straps to the hand of a warrior from slipping.Reflect these turns in the picture.
Specify pattern and shape of all parts of the sword, make smooth lines and graceful.Product gunsmiths should be harmonious and inspiring respect.Soft strokes to work with chiaroscuro.Determine the direction of the light source, guided by this factor, to obscure parts of the sword.