you need
  • - paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - eraser;
  • - paint.
Think of a character.It is not enough to develop only one comic line in isolation from full-fledged personality.Inventing a biography of the hero, you will be able to understand how it was born in this funny side, so - how it can evolve and emerge.As a comic features can be used exaggerated or understated feature of the appearance or character of the hero.Comic effect occurs at a time when the situation does not meet the expectation of the person.Therefore, we can come up with a line that is not typical for the painted creatures.Also try to include in the biography of the hero motif of repetition - any, even the most ordinary event haunting character regularly, it will look ridiculous.
When an object is devel
oped in terms of content, it is possible to sketch his appearance.Start with silhouette - outlines devoid of detail and color, must be self-sufficient and recognizable, even if you put your character into a crowd of other black silhouettes.
designed details exterior character.Relate their view of the nature of the hero, his habits and peculiarities of functioning: it should be easy to take any action in the body.Mistakes in this area the viewer feel like disharmony, lack of integrity of the image.
Do not overload the small picture elements - one or two features that support the image of the comic will be enough.The others only distract attention, not allowing to observe the point.
Make several sketches of the character in motion.So you "watch" him understand what angle will be more successful look at the final version of the illustration.
Develop a story that will be displayed in the picture.Just as is the case with the characters, stories need to think through from beginning to end, that any moment was snatched logical built.The selected point in history, which will be the background for your character, try to make as more succinct.The viewer has to understand what happened in the picture, but do not be distracted by her long-seed, forgetting about the main character.
Connect the final figure of the character and the background against which the comic situation.Move from the general to the particular, first prorisovyvaya large objects and foreground, and then completing the background and making minor clarifications.