color of love

perception of any work of art begins with its colors.Color subconsciously sets man on a certain emotional wave.

Some people think that the traditional perception of colors;that, for example, is treated as a black mourning and sinister, and the image of love and passion simply accepted "clothe" in red tones.

But it is not so.Color is still perceived by people unconsciously.Perhaps this is due to the fact how the aura at the moment when a person experiences a certain sense.Interesting studies of the human aura it possible to determine the true "color of love."

appears sincere love that man feels in his aura shimmering iridescence patches of silvery or golden glow.

A person experiencing the pure, selfless love, the aura of shimmering soft
shades of emerald (during inspiration) to lilac-pink (exhale).It is no coincidence about the one who is ready to see life and people just good, they say, he sees life in pink light and looks at the world through rose-colored glasses!

green aura speaks of love to the world of inner harmony.Green and turquoise light shining aura of the mother, thinking about your child.Shades of red in the aura is really talking about craving and impulsivity, feelings, orange - the joy of creativity and vitality.

Love is multifaceted, and depending on what it will take to portray love Person of the artist, he will choose one or another hues.

Symbols Love

Besides color, drawing love, you can portray characters that human minds are strongly associated with this feeling.There exists quite a lot of characters.Some of them are most apparent, others are used in the culture of individual countries.

loving couple.This is perhaps the most universal symbol of affection, does not require any further explanation and clear representative of any culture.Tenderness aspiring each other views, interweaving hands, hugging, kissing the two lovers depicted in the film, tell yourself everything the viewer.

pigeons, swans and other animals.A pair of pigeons cooing also embodies mutual tenderness loving couple.A swan at all times been considered a symbol of fidelity and everlasting love.By the way, other animals and birds can also serve as symbols of feelings.So, swallows many peoples represent tenderness and desire to create a cozy home nest.A mention of ducks and drakes, following it can be found, for example, in Russian folklore.

images of the heart.This symbol can also be considered international.Hearts decorate gifts and cards dedicated to loved ones.Heart pierced by an arrow symbolizes unhappy love.Last

called a symbol reminiscent of yet another character, Europeans associate with the sudden passionate feelings.Of course, it is a god of love, was depicted as a kid with wings behind the back, armed with bows and arrows.It was he who breaks the heart, causing people to suffer the fever of love.And they call it differently: Cupid, Cupid, Eros.

Scarlet Rose.This is a European symbol for passionate love, passion."Red Rose - the emblem of love" - ‚Äč‚Äčthis line from a song familiar to many.

Crossed ring.This image also speaks eloquently of the fact that two people decided to unite their destinies and move on together in love and harmony.

placing in the picture below or one or more symbols of love, and even to bear their job in the right colors, the artist can be no doubt that the audience will understand: the author wanted to portray this feeling!