Draw a pencil sketch.The body of the locomotive consists of three parts.The front part depicted as lying cylinder, the height of the cylinder should be three to four times the diameter of the base.The second part, draw a rectangle with a vertical side of a little more than horizontal.It is the driver's cab.The rear of the locomotive looks like a long rectangle, its length is two to three times the height.This compartment of coal.All parts are connected together by welding, the front cylinder located somewhat higher.Draw beneath four pairs of wheels - a first pair is smaller than the following three.Four pairs of wheels located under the compartment for coal.Under the cab driver's wheel paint is not necessary.
Paint small parts on the body of the locomotive.Start with the cylindric
al portion.It has a chimney, a safety valve, followed by a third rising capacity - a sandpiper, whistle, located next to the driver's cab.In front there is a bottom hitch and lights on the base of the cylinder has a sunroof, draw on it and a pen loop.All along this part of the draw metal handrails.Draw a box on the cylindrical portion of the door and windows.The last part of the container is typically a locomotive with coal.Draw metal rods that connect the wheels and cause them to move away from the front pair of wheels.These sticks are called sparniki.The whole body of the locomotive strewn with metal rivets and has traces of welding, to reflect this in the figure.Also, do not forget that without rail locomotive will not go.
Paint drawing.Most often the locomotives are painted in black, only a few details, such as the wheel and the front part are red.You can also use the gray and dark green.In the cab of the locomotive draw a number of white paint.