you need
  • - paper;
  • - set of colored pencils;
  • - eraser;
  • - a model for the drawing.
Pay attention to what the person as an object pencil drawing is quite complex in execution.No need to immediately try to portray the human figure entirely.Start with sketches of simple geometric shapes, as it gives the opportunity to learn how to maintain the correct proportions.Only then it is recommended to start drawing the contour lines.
Find a suitable object for drawing.This can be a living model, a sculpture or a picture of a man.At first, it would be best if the object is not dynamic, and static.Look carefully at the
nature.Note the maximum possible number of parts.In the drawing, try as often as possible to consult with the model - because the image is closer to the original.
to start yet Practice drawing the individual features of a human face.Draw eyes, nose, mouth, ear.The outline does not need to paint or dense shade;the main thing - to learn how to correctly choose the proportions and give the image volume.Those places where the light falls, leave the white.Items that are in shadow, set off the very light shading.It is best for this purpose use a soft pencil.
start drawing all figures follow the first sketch the general outlines of the body, portraying them as a simple geometric shapes, such as circles and ovals.Is not fixed on the details, try to convey just the right proportions.Mistakenly held the line until you erase eraser and just tinker with a pencil.When you make the right choice proportions, combine geometric shapes outline.
Lightly mark the lines without pressing the folds of clothing.Paints the clothes recommended a pale layer of the corresponding color.Where folds inward bend, apply shadow.In those places where the incident light flux, leave glare.The dark areas get an additional hard strokes.This will give an opportunity to emphasize the volume and add to the design depth.
As your skills, try to go to the image of people on the move.It also has its own quirks and artistic techniques.For example, to portray racing the hill skier, you must give the athlete's position and use the slope of the dynamic fuzzy hatch.With experience, you will be able to please his drawings of friends and certainly deserve a reputation as a true professional in the field of graphics.