you need
  • - landscape A4 sheet;
  • - simple pencil;
  • - eraser.
To draw Jennifer Lawrence, draw the right part of the landscape a large oval leaves, which later transformed into the face of a young actress.
Then in the middle of the oval, is closer to the left side, draw a slightly curved vertical line, pass it below the oval.Later this line is useful for image neck.
Then draw two lines in the crescent-shaped oval inside and outside the oval.Then add to the drawing a straight line, which will serve for the formation of the arrows in the figure.
Now draw five horizontal lines as shown.Line A will be used to form the image prorisovyvaniya eyebrows Lane B - for the shape of the eye, the line C - for the shape of the nose, the line D - for the s
hape of the mouth, the line E - to form shoulders.
Then draw eyebrows Jennifer Lawrence for the first vertical line, and the eyes of the actress.Center eye must be located on the second horizontal line.Note that the right eye of the actress slightly to finish.
Draw between the second and third horizontal lines the nose, on the fourth line, place the mouth of the actress.The mouth should be slightly opened, draw inside front teeth.
Now circle contour cheeks, the contour of the neck.
view on the left side of the figure hair.Note that Jennifer wavy hair, but not lavish.Now draw a hair to the right, bangs should be slightly subside in the right eye of the actress.
Draw arrows.
When all the main lines are drawn, begin sketching pencil drawing.
further darken and blend some of your drawing, for example, hair, clothing, as well as the neck.Try shade so that all transitions from one shade to another are smooth.
Continue to darken and shade your drawing as shown in the picture.Do not forget, too, and darken the background to figure seemed complete.
figure is ready!