true monuments of Celtic culture there are not too many.Mostly this stone crosses.They were decorated with complicated patterns of intricately interwoven lines closed.French archaeologists revealed to the world Celtic culture in the first half of the last century, found and some jewelry.
The ancient Celts believed that the person being part of a single entity, the world of the Spirit, in the end will have to connect to that entity.But up to this point before the person is earthly journey, and it is full of sharp turns, testing, interweaving with other fat
es and events.It was believed that the pattern is able to determine the fate.There were special units of love, happiness, success, etc.
main element of a Celtic pattern - a thread.Look at any Celtic jewelry and try to hold the thread of a sharp pencil.Coming out of this labyrinth, you will not find, as, indeed, and the entrance to it.But in the center of the pattern you get from any point, although your way may be long and winding.Maze was the most popular Celtic designs.Thread symbolized life.The Celts believed that life is not and can not end because the world is infinite, everything in it is interconnected and continuously.
look at a fragment of a Celtic pattern.Imagine that in front of you is not a stone or gold, but the real thread.You can take it for any two points and a draw.On the thread to start up multiple nodes.But the patterns of Celtic knots never tightened, each could spread.
second popular among the ancient Celts element - the famous Celtic cross.He has a distinct center.The cross is a symbol of world harmony, unity of Heaven and Earth.Therefore, usually located around the center of the circle.The ends of the cross extend to the ends.It was a symbol of the aspirations of the human soul to perfection.The surface of the cross is usually decorated with small maze.
on decorative products Celts often you can see the triskele - Triangle of interwoven strands, forming a spiral.It symbolizes the unity of Water, Fire and Air.Simultaneously triskele is a symbol of joy.Initially, this item did not look.It was just three feet, departing from the same point.
The majority of Celtic ornaments consist exclusively of interwoven lines.However, some articles are images of birds and animals.These figurines attached symbolic importance.Partridge was a symbol of tricks, dove - love the duck - the unity of land and water.The animals in the Celtic products most common hare.He was considered a symbol of prosperity and immortality to the same ability to influence destiny.The ornaments and woven deer figurine.At Celtic ornaments and found a snake, symbolizing wisdom and healing.Sometimes in the pattern woven into a dragon.