you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - pencil;
  • - picture of a butterfly.
Consider a picture of a butterfly.The most important thing - to understand where she grows wings.Beginning artists often make the mistake of pririsovyvaya pair of rear wings to the bottom.Both pairs of wings grow from the trunk.Pay attention to the structure of the body.Do butterflies little round head, long oval body and a tail that looks like a plane triangle.
vertical line.Check her total length of the body of the butterfly.Divide the segment into two roughly equal parts (the bottom may be slightly longer than the upper).The top section of about 4 parts.
Spend the center line and divide it into parts
Draw in the top segment of a round head.The line may be wrong, so it is not necessary to use a compass.In the middle of the ova
l, draw so that you carried out a vertical line has its long axis.The width of the oval is approximately equal to the width of the head, but can be a little more or a little less.At the bottom of the draw a long isosceles triangle.The tip of the tail may be slightly cut off or rounded.
Draw the outline of wings
Mark the direction of the wings.The contour lines extend upward and downward relative to the centerline at an angle of 45 °.Closes its wings around the middle of the body, the connection point to note is better, too soon.
Draw the outline of wings.Almost all the butterflies couple, located closer to the head, a lot more back.The upper wings have a shape similar to a trapezoid, the bottom reminiscent of rose petal, or poppy.Wings can be very large.The contour line of the upper wing can be approximately one and a half times the length of the body with the head and tail.Draw a trapezoid, starting from the head and ending point where the wings are closed.Round the outside corners.
lower wing is also possible to start from a trapeze.The bottom contour line begins at a small distance from the tail, it is approximately equal to the length of the trunk.Almost the same length and it has a second contour line of the wing.Make a mark at the ends of the segments and connect them to the arc.
Draw veins
Note that the butterfly is absolutely symmetrical.The second pair of wings, draw a mirror image.All wings swipe veins - direct radiating to the ends.
Trace the outlines with a soft pencil
Figure wings can be very intricate.It consists of spots, strips, teeth, etc.Make it so, as you like, of course, if you do not draw a butterfly of a particular species.Pririsuyte long mustache.Circle the shapes and the brightest spots a soft pencil.