Inspect technical device that you want to portray, on all sides.When it comes to road engineering, not too lazy to go for it on the street, taking with him a pencil and paper to create sketches.Memorized or sketched details such as the form of separate elements izdeniya appearance, the mutual positioning of these elements relative to each other, the ratio of their sizes together.
not start drawing technical device from the case.First Draw the details of external finishes, which are at the forefront, especially when they act beyond the boundaries of the body and thus obstruct them.This will dispense with partial erasure of boundaries body, which is especially important if you are not satisfied drawing in pencil an
d ink, markers or paints.If you are not sure that you can not do without erasing, first follow the pencil drawing, and only then, after making changes using the eraser circle.
properly convey the texture of the surface of the housing, controls, etc.Matt surface uniformly dye in a particular color and picture a glossy glare rare touches the same direction.Do not forget about the long term: the line corresponding to the direction of the observer shall be the diagonal.
have technical devices often found glowing elements: a variety of indicators, and in vehicles - lights and lanterns.They appear lighter than not only the body, but even the background.You can also highlight their glow short strokes, raskhodischimisya from the source in all directions, but the relevance of these strokes depends on the style of drawing.
fast-moving vehicles portray slightly blurred.The same applies to rotating parts of the device that are fixed per se, for example, fan blades.Finally, if required by the style of your drawing, picture of all the object depicted in it a shadow.